Basin and Landscape Dynamics (Badlands) is a parallel TIN-based landscape evolution model, built to simulate topography development at various space and time scales. The model is capable of simulating hillslope processes (linear & non-linear diffusion), fluvial incision (‘modified’ Stream Power Law, Transport Capacity Law both for sediment erosion/transport/deposition), spatially and temporally varying geodynamic (horizontal + vertical displacements) and climatic forces which can be used to simulate changes in base level, as well as effects of climate changes or sea-level fluctuations. The model uses gFlex package which is designed to solve elastic plate flexure for applications to Earth’s lithosphere.

Usage documentation and tutorials can be found on the pyBadlands Wiki

The current XML input file format is documented at XML input for Badlands version 2

Most users will only need to read the Model API Documentation

The remainder of the API documentation is interesting if you want to understand the internals of pyBadlands.

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